Custom Cardboard Boxes & Packaging

The possibilities are endless with the ability to fabricate custom cardboard boxes and retail packaging. Our internal structure designers can assess any product or merchandise, then formulate and draft a perfectly fitted cardboard package that is specific to your merchandise for shipping or display purposes.

PSI manufactures direct printed boxes, digitally printed packaging and litho-labeled boxes

Packaging Services Industries’ (PSI) die-cut cardboard boxes range from single wall microflutes to the largest and heaviest corrugated, multi wall boxes and cartons, giving our customers a wide range of options to ensure that their shipping and storage needs are met. Full color printing options as well as one (1) to four (4) color printing capabilities are available to ensure your custom corrugated packaging stays consistent with your individual company branding.

Our Custom Cardboard Boxes Gallery

Check out some of our quality, custom packaging projects in our Project Gallery!

“We needed a diverse set of custom cardboard boxes that were able to withstand moisture ridden environments for long periods of time without running the risk or our product being damaged by the damp elements. PSI developed a specialty box that has worked wonders for our industry! Our clients are thrilled with our product line and the stability of our packaging!”

  • Beer & Wine Boxes
  • Electronic Packaging
  • Medical Equipment Packaging
  • Machinery & Parts Packaging
  • Glassware Packaging
  • Food Packaging
  • Retail Packaging & Displays
  • Perishable Food Packaging
  • Stationary Packaging
  • Specialty Boxes

All products can be delivered assembled (glued, taped or stitched), bundled in flat units, collated into kits or stored in one of our convenient warehouses for distribution and delivery as you need them. Our warehouse locations include two manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania (McAdoo and Connellsville, PA) and our corporate headquarters located in Williamsport, Maryland (MD). All three locations are equipped to produce custom cardboard boxes, displays, engineered foam, crates, pallets and reels.

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