FTP Upload

Welcome to the PSI FTP page. From here you can quickly and easily upload and submit any design files needed for your project.

NOTE: Your quotation number and your document number are both at the top of your quote. They are case sensitive. If you have multiple files to upload it’s best and easiest if you compress your files into one Zip archive (.zip only). You can download the necessary software for free at www.winzip.com. Do not upload a self extracting archive (.exe or .sea) we will not use those as they are significant virus risks. Please note you will not be able to upload files larger than 500MB to our FTP server. If your files are larger than 500MB, you will need to send us your files on a CD-R or DVD-R. If you are working on multiple projects, you will need a Sales Order or Quotation ID for each project.

Follow the steps below to upload your files to our FTP:

STEP 1 Check that the name of the file you want to upload is “legal” according to our FTP naming conventions. Use letters and numbers in the name of the file that you’re uploading. Things like underscores, ampersands, and other non-alphanumeric characters in a file name can result in a failed upload.

For Example:

Good: AlbumFinals.zip

Bad: The_Band_album_images&layoutfiles_12-25.zip

STEP 2 Type in your Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, Quotation Number & who your main PSI contact is.

STEP 3 Click the “Browse…” button to locate the file you want to upload on your computer and select the file.

STEP 4 Once you choose the appropriate file on your computer the file name will be displayed on the page to the right of files to upload. You can add comments about the file if necessary in the text boxes provided below.

STEP 5 Click the “Upload” button to securely send your file and comments to us.

You will receive an email confirmation once the files have been successfully uploaded.

Please note: we cannot store files that are not tied to active jobs for longer than one month. If you are not planning to start your project with us in the next 30 days please wait to upload your files until that time.

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