Damages Are Just a Part of Business, Right?

We often write about the aesthetics of packaging here on the PSI blog. After all, one of the key goals of product packaging is making a good first impression with consumers. But designing the prettiest packaging in the world won’t … Continue reading

Package Design Trends for 2018 

What does 2018 have in store for the package design industry? As in 2017, this year’s trends revolve around finding new ways to use product packaging to connect and engage with consumers while meeting their ever-evolving demands. The rapidly growing … Continue reading

How to Pull Off Minimalist Packaging

Less is more. This adage has never been truer than it is today—especially when it comes to packaging. Earlier this year, we wrote about the popularity of minimalist packaging designs. Across nearly all industries, consumers are demanding less—less clutter, less … Continue reading

The Salvation Army & Midwest Food Bank

During a natural disaster, caring people, nonprofit organizations, and companies must come together to help those affected. At PSI, we are proud to help The Salvation Army and Midwest Food Bank provide relief to survivors of the recent hurricanes in … Continue reading

Packaging and Corporate Social Responsibility

It’s impossible to talk about packaging these days without the topic of sustainability coming up. At PSI, we recognize our responsibility to the environment, and we continually strive to decrease our impact and do more with less. Another related term … Continue reading

Providing Seamless Service After a Disaster Strikes

Earlier this year, we faced a dilemma. After part of the roof of our McAdoo, Pennsylvania, facility collapsed due to heavy snowfall and drifting snow, we had to make a choice: Should we shut down PSI Container and warn our … Continue reading

Beyond the Box: Custom Tape and Other Packaging Accessories

We’ve said it before: your product packaging has the potential to leave a lasting impression on your customers. But the best first impressions aren’t always all about the box itself. Packaging accessories, such as tapes and fillers, play a major … Continue reading

Customer Spotlight: Harbour House Crabs

‘Tis the season—for eating crabs! And thanks to our friends at Harbour House Crabs (www.iLoveCrabs.com), seafood lovers around the country can get live and fresh-steamed Maryland blue crabs, Maine lobster tails, jumbo lump crab cakes, and more delivered right to … Continue reading

3 Common Packaging Mistakes Businesses Make

You can’t deny the impact of first impressions, especially when it comes to product packaging. Case in point: I recently purchased some tea from a well-known company that has a national reputation for its high-end teas. After carefully selecting which … Continue reading

5 Fun Ways to Use Cardboard Boxes

We take cardboard seriously at PSI Group. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have a little fun with our favorite packaging material! The versatility of corrugated boxes makes them perfect not only for packaging products from food … Continue reading

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