Packaging Services Industries is committed to provide our customers with high-quality products and outstanding service while maintaining an exceptional level of responsibility to our community, employees, environment and to the company itself.

Our continued focus on converting waste into reusable products and minimizing excessive use of natural resources proves to reach much further than just within our facility walls.

Smart Engineering

Our structure designers work hand-in-hand with you to understand your fulfillment process, financial costs and logistic needs. From there, they will access what materials or redesigns can give you the smartest solution for your company’s environmental goals.

For many clients, simply eliminating waste by designing packaging that uses minimal tapes and fillers is enough to make a significant impact. While others want to increase their material grades to ensure their manufacturing facilities are getting more than a single use out of their packaging. Either way, PSI is equipped to help you with a custom sustainability plan.

Responsible Printing

When we talk about creating a package that is eco-friendly, we don’t just stop with the packaging materials. PSI’s ink kitchens also offer organic alternatives to water based acrylic inks.

Eekoflex inks and varnishes (developed by BCM Inks USA, Inc.) have replaced many of the petroleum-based resins with rosins from pine trees. Water-based flexo inks, by their nature, are the most environmentally and ecologically friendly printing inks in use today.

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