The Theatrics of Up-Cycling: Creative Cardboard

We often talk about the importance of recycling and waste management. As packaging manufacturers, we want to ensure we are as ethically responsible with our waste and material sources, ensuring our communities are as sustainable as possible.

Outside of recycling and minimizing waste, one additional way we can help manage our environmental impact by teaching kids the power of up-cycling and repurposing everyday products for the purpose of interactive play.

Our latest client, Polyglot Theatre, does just that with their show Paper Planet, which kicked off at the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA) in Philadelphia, PA this month. Curated by the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Polyglot Theatre completely transformed the rooftop atrium into a space full of wonder, creativity and sensory play.


“We really appreciate all of the effort PSI took in delivering our set design.

It can be difficult to communicate the specifics over email and from completely different timezones, but the development process, product quality and venue setup all pieced together so seamlessly!”

-Elise Brokensha, Tour Production Manager for Polyglot.


Creativity Cultivated

With a forest gate designed to captivate imagination, Paper Planet’s installation designer Mischa Long uses cardboard, paper and string to set the stage. Inside, 20’ tall corrugated trees await for exploration and are entwined with vines, creatures, masks, robots, confetti fights, robots and music. The overwhelmingly carefree space is pulsating with energy and laughter while kids collaborate on making their own theatrics and truly making them a part of the show.



“My first job with Polyglot Theatre was as a child wrangler and to keep kids off of the stage during performances. Now I’m dragging them into the play!” says Mischa Long , Installation Designer and Performer for Polyglot.

More About Polyglot Theatre

Polyglot Theatre began as a traditional children’s theatre company, traveling around the Melbourne, Australia area doing puppet and school shows. Soon, they decided to change the direction of the company to focus on interactive and participatory theatre. Creating unique worlds, inspired by art, play and the ideas of children push Polyglot to deliver performances based on touch, play and encounter.

Creating unique worlds, inspired by art, play and the ideas of children push Polyglot to deliver performances based on touch, play and encounter.

For more details on Polyglot and their interactive performances, visit their website at or on YouTube.

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